How to Get into Lehigh University: Admissions Statistics + Tips (2023)

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What is covered:

  • How hard is it to get into Lehigh University?
  • Average Academic Profile of Students Accepted at Lehigh University
  • What Lehigh University is looking for
  • How to Improve Your Chances of Getting into Lehigh University
  • How to Apply to Lehigh University

Lehigh University's location in the city of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania offers students the culture and conveniences of a city, but with the feel of a small town. Lehigh still reminisces about the nearby town's past: classes still don't start on time, but ten minutes after the hour, which in the past allowed students to finish a shift at the factory to get to class on time.

Today, the school has a reputation for preparing its students for career success;the sitepay scaleranks Lehigh 42nd out of nearly 2,000 universities for return on investment. With all that this university has to offer students, you may be wondering what it takes to get in. Continue reading to find out!

How hard is it to get into Lehigh University?

Getting admissions to Lehigh is hard. The university saw a14% increase in appsfor its class of 2025 and accepted only 6,381 applicants out of a pool of 14,106 applicants - oneAcceptance rate of 45%.

Lehigh has yet to publish its Early Decision (ED) acceptance rate for the Class of 2025. However, 1,121 applicants have applied for its Class of 2024 ED, of which 815 have been accepted, oneEarly decision acceptance rate of 72%.

Lehigh University has a low acceptance rate, but your personal chances of acceptance will vary depending on the strength of your profile. UniversityVine'sfree entry calculatoruses factors such as your GPA, test scores, and extracurricular activities to help you better understand your chances of acceptance and provide you with information on how to improve your profile.

Average Academic Profile of Students Accepted at Lehigh University


Lehigh does not publish the average high school GPA of its entering classes, but know that the higher your GPA, the better your chances for admission.


Lehigh class of 2024 median score of 50% on SAT is1280-1420, and the average ACT score of 50% is29-34.

Due to the challenges that COVID-19 has presented to standardized testing, Lehigh has instituted a test-optional admissions policy for the 2021-2022 admissions cycle and will continue through the 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 cycles.About 60% of Class of 2025 applicants through regular admissions submitted test scores.

class classification

66%of the Lehigh class of 2024 graduated from high school intenth bestfrom his class89%graduated fromupper quarter.

What is Lehigh University looking for?

Lehigh University views applicants holistically and considers a variety of factors when making admissions decisions: class rankings, grades, rigor of the curriculum, recommendations, extracurricular activities, work experience, and demonstrated interest. Lehigh hopes to fill its classes with a unique group of students from diverse backgrounds, with different interests, experiences, and talents who will thrive and contribute to campus.

Lehigh places great importance on academic excellence for all of its students and has created a supportive environment to ensure academically gifted students are successful, such as free non-remedial tutoring. this is one of the reasons whyLehigh's freshman retention rate has hovered well above 90% for over a decade..

How Lehigh University Evaluates Applications

Based on the 2020-2021 Common Data Set, Lehigh University considers the following factors"very important":

  • rigor of the course
  • class classification
  • GPA
  • recommendation letters
  • Extra curricular
  • Character

These factors are"important":

  • Test results
  • Rehearsal
  • Talent
  • First generation
  • Racial/ethnic status
  • Voluntary work
  • applicant's interest

Those are"I consider":

  • Geographic location
  • Interview
  • Legacy
  • Work experience

and these are"not considered":

  • religious affiliation
  • state residence

How to Improve Your Chances of Getting into Lehigh University

1. Achieve the best possible GPA while taking the most challenging classes available.

Lehigh values ​​academics and considers GPA, class rank, and course rigor "very important" for admissions.66% of Lehigh's class of 2024 graduated in the top ten of their high school class.and you'll need a transcript with all, or nearly all, of the more challenging courses available for serious consideration. Applicants to top 50 schools like Lehigh generally completed betweenfive and eight AP classes, but it is not uncommon for him to have taken more.

Selective schools like Lehigh use a tool known asAcademic indexto make admission decisions. The Academic Index is a consolidation of your academic performance in a single number. If this number does not meet a school's standards, you risk being labeled academically unqualified and not receiving a full review of your application.

If your GPA looks like it's going to let down the Lehigh admissions officers and you're early in your high school career, there's still time to raise it. take a look at ourTips to increase your GPA. Whether you're a junior or senior, raising your GPA is more challenging, and it's easier to raise your academic score by earning higher test scores.

2. Cultivate one or two extracurricular levels 1-2 (find your “peak”).

Extracurricular activities are a "very important" aspect of Lehigh's admissions. Lehigh places an emphasis on interdisciplinary programs, and extracurricular activities provide an outlet to present yourself as well-rounded but specialized. Candidates with strong extracurricular profiles will exhibit a highly developed interest known as “spike”, along with an amazing extracurricular activity or two.

How impressive are your activities outside of the classroom? Hefour levels of extracurricularsprovide a guide to understanding how universities view their extracurricular activities.

  • Level 1are the most impressive and influential extracurricular activities. They are rare and demonstrate exceptional achievement or leadership. Examples of Tier 1 activities include winning a prestigious national competition or participating in a major merit-based summer program.
  • Level 2Activities also demonstrate high achievement or leadership, but are more commonly seen by admissions officers. These activities include winning a state competition or serving as student body president.
  • Level 3Activities have less influence on admissions than higher-level ones: They are better for highlighting your interests outside of the classroom than for winning over admissions officers. Level 3 activities include playing a minor leadership role with a well-known club or captaining a varsity sports team.
  • Level 4activities are the most common and carry the least weight for admissions officers. Examples of Level 4 activities include joining a club and playing a sport or instrument.

3. Ask for strong letters of recommendation.

Recommendation letters are "very important" to Lehigh's admissions process. loyalrequires two letters of recommendationfor admission: a letter from your school counselor, principal or director and another letter from a teacher. Lehigh also believes that character is "very important" and her recommendation should address this issue. According to Lehigh:

In addition to academic qualifications, recommendations must address the applicant's personal qualifications, such as character, intellectual motivation, participation in school activities, and established work habits and reliability.

Keep in mind that professors are often asked to write multiple letters of recommendation on top of their already busy schedule. This makes the proper approach when requesting a letter of recommendation vital: You must give the professor plenty of time, provide background information, and have a clear idea of ​​the type of letter you will receive.The Nine Rules for Soliciting Teacher Letters of Recommendationis a useful schematic to ensure a compelling recommendation.

4. Aim for 1420 SATs and 33 ACTs.

Test scores are "important" for Lehigh admissions. The middle ranks of the 50% of students accepted into the Lehigh class of 2024 are1280-1420 SATURDAYmi29-33 ATO. Any score in the mid-50% range is fine, but the higher in the range you get your score, the better your chances for admission.

Lehigh superscores, which means they accept your highest scores from the SAT or ACT section, on the test dates. Because of this, candidates should try to take the SAT or ACT two to three times to maximize their score. To improve your SAT/ACT score, check out these free resources from CollegeVine:

  • How to Get a Perfect Score of 1600 on the SAT
  • How to Get a Perfect Score of 36 on the ACT
  • More information and tips about the SAT
  • More information and tips from the ACT

Lehigh will practice optional trial admissions for 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 and cycles. That being said, CollegeVine recommends taking the SAT/ACT if you can do it safely and submitting your score if you are in the 25th percentile or higher (1280 SAB and 29 ACT) of accepted Lehigh students. Candidates who submit test scores are accepted at higher rates than those who do not.

5. Write compelling essays.

Distinguishing yourself with academics is challenging at Lehigh, as almost all Lehigh applicants have excellent academic profiles. Essays are "big" for Lehigh admissions and a great area to set yourself apart from the competition. Lehigh requires students to submitthree short answer essayswith your app.

According to Lehigh:Authenticity is key to submitting an app that stands out. Focus less on fitting into a box and more on sharing who you are.With that in mind, you write a compelling essay using your voice, showcasing the unique benefits you bring to the school and how you will benefit from your presence on campus.

For Lehigh-specific writing tips, check out our article, “How to Write Lehigh University Essays 2021-2022.”

6. Apply Early Decision.

Lehigh has two early decision intake processes: Early Decision I and Early Decision II. Early Decision candidates are accepted at a higher rate than Regular Decision candidates. Lehigh Class of 2024the overall acceptance rate was 49.5%It's inthe acceptance rate of the initial decision was 72%.

Requesting an early decision can significantly increase your chances for admission, but it's not for everyone. Both Initial Decision I and Initial Decision II at Lehigh are required, and by applying to the ED, you agree to attend the university if accepted. Enrolling in the ED is best suited for students who are absolutely sure they want to study at Lehigh and can afford it, since you're committed to participating, you can't compare financial aid packages from other schools.

How to Apply to Lehigh University


Application Timeline

final term

early decision I

November 1st

early decision II

January 1

Ordinary Decision

January 1

application requirements

Lehigh supports both the Common Application and the Coalition Application. Other requirements include:

  • Lehigh Deed Supplement
  • Recommendation of the director, officer or officer
  • teacher recommendation
  • school report
  • high school transcript
  • Semi-annual report
  • school final report
  • SAT/ACT (opcional)

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Want to know your chances in Lehigh?Calculate your free odds right now.

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